Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Let’s Level the Floor

I have been noticeably absent from the blog posting process. When, actually, I have been documenting the process all along. The reason I haven’t been posting about it, is because the ol’ blog is running out of storage space. Apparently two to five posts per week over the course of a year really makes your free wordpress storage run low. Not interested in buying more space (by any means), so I am trying to condense posts into bigger spans of time.

Tyler is leveling the floor. This has been happening since my last post. It’s quite a process. I have to strategically select photos (for space), but I will try to tell an overview of the process so far.

Step 1: Create Temporary Support Walls in the Basement

The purpose of these walls is to help stabilize the floor when the old beams are removed while Tyler is raising the floor bit by bit.



Then we need to add temporary support walls to the main floor.



When it starts to straighten out, it’s time to get rid of the basement and the main floor stairs!


Open Stairwell shots:



View up to the roof from the basement:


Then we had some new beam work to be done, which included jackhammering new post holes, filling them with cement, actually making the new beams and laying them in the floor.





Next, get the giant hole in the floor covered up so no one falls!



Now you are caught up! That was extremely condensed (just so you are aware) and involved so many more little steps than I could show. Truly a phenomenal feat happening at the house.


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