Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

360 Degrees of Siding!!!!

That’s right folks! The house is SIDED! Woohooo!!!


Tyler began siding at the end of November 2014 and is officially done today, June 24, 2015!


What is that black tar paper showing, you ask? Well, the porch is not to be sided. Next year (porch is not living space mind you), Tyler will put a brick/stone facade on the outside of the porch. The porch is terribly unlevel, siding would just never work.


Also, if you look very carefully in the photos, you will see how Tyler had to “adjust” the first row of siding above the porch so the siding wouldn’t end up being crooked all the way up the house. Then, he also had to take out a window and re-frame it…but that is an entirely different story and one I don’t care all that much about because it’s all sided!!!


Breaking out the wine from Prairie Berry Winery in Hill City, SD tonight! (Seriously, go there-the food and wine are AMAZING!)


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