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Time to Work on those Floors!

If you recall (from awhile back) I had posted a list of things that needed to be accomplished this summer at the house before we could even think of moving in. One of those things including straightening out the floors. The basement beams had allowed the house to sink a little (not a surprise or huge worry after 115 years of life). The whole main floor pitched down to the basement stairs. While not everything with the floors in the original house (main floor) will able to be perfectly leveled or squared, the goal is to NOT feel like you’re walking downhill.

So on another rainy day (surprise it was raining here AGAIN), Tyler began this process. P.S. the rain made for a dark work area, even with work lights, so these photos are not so great.

Temporary Beam in basement to help raise the floor
Temporary Beam in basement to help raise the floor

As I understand it, we slowly raise the floor, because you don’t want to put too much pressure on the wood all at once. It’s like how if you put frog in cold water and bring it up to a boil, the frog stays calm and hangs out in the hot tub. If you just throw a frog in hot boiling water, he jumps out. (I’m sorry, this is the best analogy I’ve got and you probably don’t even need an analogy to understand this concept).


So we have this little red guys here. Beams are placed on top of them and then are cranked up. This involves all sorts of levels and measurements.


Some of the floor joyces are also…umm…not the most secure. They may be twisting a little or connected to another board to help with the load of the floor. So another thing that had to be done was to fix a crappy floor joyce. These photos are awful. However, I did get to pound a large piece of wood with this huge hammer thingy and that was awesome.

The wood on the right of this picture is the new piece added to the floor.
The wood on the right of this picture is the new piece added to the floor.

After the floor settles a little, the new post holes must be dug (with a mini-jackhammer) and then permanent posts and a new heavy beam can be added.

Oh, and look, here’s a photo with Tyler’s head in it. This is taken from the basement stairs while I was pounding that beam into place.



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