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Laying the Concrete for the Portico Roof

Remember when I mentioned a portico roof? We’ll, this roof covers the south door on the house. The door will have a couple of steps and a little porch to step out on.

The roof and stairs and area to step out on have to be finished before that part of the house can be sided (as the siding has to be cut to fit around it all).

When we had a nice day outside above freezing so it could cure, Tyler was able to lay the concrete cylinders.

But first, he used string to find the correct spot to dig. That magical orange string.


Then, the holes were plotted and Tyler used a digging object that I may be incorrectly calling a post-hole digger, to dig the holes. A shovel was also used. Remember, when digging anytime of concrete for footings you have to dig deep enough to get below the frost. So the holes were dug about five feet deep. If you DON’T dig deep enough, there can be shifting in the concrete and sinking and cracks and breaking.



Then the concrete is mixed.



That concrete is added to the hole where it has to be leveled. And some rebar is added in the center.



And then you have your concrete posts.


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