Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Kitchen Window and New Front Door

While I was away, Tyler took out the old windows in the front of the house (that would have originally been the side of the house-east wall) that connected to closed-in porch. Because of the porch, it is difficult to get a good view of this process with a photograph, so it’s better to see in person. Continue reading “Kitchen Window and New Front Door”

Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration


If you recall the post about the Portico, over the south exit door off the house, you’ll remember that the work was previously left off with the concrete supports finished. Well before I had time to blink, the work on the porch and the roof itself began. Continue reading “Mini-Porch”

Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

Laying the Concrete for the Portico Roof

Remember when I mentioned a portico roof? We’ll, this roof covers the south door on the house. The door will have a couple of steps and a little porch to step out on.

The roof and stairs and area to step out on have to be finished before that part of the house can be sided (as the siding has to be cut to fit around it all). Continue reading “Laying the Concrete for the Portico Roof”

House and Acreage Restoration

One Year of Homesteading

That’s right. I found a chalk rock and became five years old again-just with much neater handwriting.

We bought our lovely acreage a year ago on April 25, 2014. Most unfortunately, the twists and turns in the road have meant that we are still not living there yet. I remember so wistfully thinking about how I was going to wake up in spring 2015 to see the beautiful pink flowered tree blooming by our driveway. The thought of waking up to that tree and seeing it every spring morning still sends shivers down my spine.

But, alas, no waking up at the homestead yet. Instead, we are re-imagining what our life is going to be. So much can change in a year. Every year I have been living has been an eternity. I have somehow, always managed to jam pack so many life events, changes, and decisions, into every year that they never pass me by without notice. I have never turned around and thought, “That year went by so quickly!” I rarely even ask myself where the day went. I know exactly where the day went.

I wonder sometimes….can a person even get the shivers from a pink flowering tree if they don’t live in the present? What a terrible waste, to not notice the moment as it is happening. To always be yearning for an event in your future life or only cherishing an event that has already happened.

Last year at this time, I was worried about whether or not I could contribute anything to the house project. I worry about that this year as well. As the tasks become more technical, I’m not sure I will be of any help to that overworked husband of mine. But I will try.

There are a few questions we are asked CONSTANTLY. They are completely reasonable questions, based on what we set out to do April 2014, but sometimes I can’t help but laugh at these questions. I always think, have you seen the house? Have you looked at the blog pictures? What  funny questions to ask!  So you know where we are at, why were are there and what the project continues to be from this point out here are the most frequently asked Pedersen Homestead Questions:

1. Are you living in your house? 

Ha! (This is one that makes me laugh ALOT). Nope. The new structure is built and contained (meaning roof, exterior walls, windows and 1/2 of the siding). But it is not a livable building yet.

2. When are you moving in? 

There is no date I can give you. When do you want to be in? As soon as possible, of course! There are several large projects to complete before we can move in. These projects aren’t just a time issue, they also depend on money. So we work on what we can with the money we have and try to be the most practical. Here are some of the the “big picture” items that MUST happen before the house is livable:

  • Finishing Siding the House
  • Complete the portico roof on the south side door of the house
  • Re-shingle the old roof of the house (the porch and garage has not been completed yet)
  • Add beams and poles to the basement in order to level the ground floor and upstairs
  • Put in a new staircase
  • Replace the 1900 wall that leads to the addition with a wall with proper headers and support, frame closets and bathroom upstairs
  • Wire the house for electricity
  • Run the plumbing for the house as well as cooling and heating system
  • Put a new water meter in and get it turned on (no running water on our property yet)
  • Put up drywall
  • Insulate the house
  • Plumb a bathroom

Then we can move in. As soon as we have a bathroom (likely not complete) we’ll move in. And believe me, you’ll know when that day happens-I’ll be screaming with joy so loudly you’ll hear me from space. 🙂