Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Keeping the Heat In


There have been some sad moments in my life recently. Because of these sad moments (and also the funny ones) I haven’t been posting. Sometimes, the other things are just more important. You never know how many breaths you may have on this earth, so it’s important to cherish those you have.

Many sad moments.

So the next several blog posts are going to be short and sweet and without much additional verbiage or explanation.

To prepare, and get around the cold weather that makes homestead work difficult, Tyler has been doing some indoor work. Like this work with foam.


He’s insulating the roof with this baby pink and baby blue foam.



He also had to add some more cripples and add some insulation to the window headers.



And, my favorite, he found a way to utilize some of the wood that is still wall papered with psychedelic mushrooms. I am BEYOND excited, that this little orange, brown and yellow mushrooms will be forever living in our walls.



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