Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

Portico Roof

I think a Portico Roof sounds like something you’d find on a boat. But maybe I’m not saying or spelling it correctly?

Tyler is getting ready to build the portico roof-which is a little, tiny roof to go over the door that exits to the south of the house. Similar to how there is this little extra roof on top of the Bay window.


The roof will be above this door.
The roof will be above this door.

I believe this roof has to be finished for him to finish siding that part of the house.

We (haha-you know I don’t actually mean “we” right? I mean Tyler!) are building the roof out of some of the recycled lumber that was in the house. Which meant, I got to pull some staples! Hooray! It’s been nearly seven months since I got to work with wood, so that was a nice change.



Tyler was measuring the wood and cutting different lengths. I guess I surprised him with this photo…yikes! 🙂


So here’s to the start of a little construction…much easier to build a little door roof then an entire roof for the house!



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