Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

The Dining Room Clean-Up

*I wrote this post a little while back and just want to point out that there was a major cleaning effort that happened again this weekend and the house looks completely different inside again. But since I wrote it, I figured I post it anyway. So….always changing people, always changing.

Just a super quick little post catch-up.

So, first off, take a look at this.


We’ve used ALOT of kerosene so far to keep the house toasty while priming cut pieces of siding.

The dining room wasn’t too bad to begin with.


Really, the cut pieces of siding needed to be organized by size so Tyler can find the sizes he needs easily. There needed a little vacuuming. And all the tools, nails, screws, etc. were organized on the bay window “seat.”




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