Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

All That and the Kitchen Sink


Four years ago, when we first walked through our now home with the relator, I was super impressed with this sink sitting in the basement.

There are several things I have learned about my “taste” and preferences since we began this restoration. And some of those things are what style and what types of objects I am naturally attracted to. First, I LOVE doors. I think doors are beautiful and SO important in the character of a house. I LOVE cabinets. The cute, quaint, country-style cabinets from the 1930s and 40s that have little ruffles and cut outs that are adorable and girly. And I LOVE sinks. Heavy, white, big sinks.

After removing the sink from it's make-shift wooden stand
After removing the sink from it’s make-shift wooden stand

Huh. I don’t know why they appeal to me. But I am drawn to them online, and at antique shops, and at Menard’s. And I have a lot of opinions about sinks (and doors and cabinets) and not many other opinions about most all other things.


Perhaps it has to do with the symbolism of a sink. It’s where you cook, do dishes, get water…kitchens are where you live. I spent 50% of my time at home in front of a sink washing dishes, or getting water to boil, or prepping food. A sink is mighty important.


Tyler asked me to smash this sink. We weren’t sure if we could save it. But I had to try. This sink connects me to the woman who lived here before. Who fed her children, and washed her vegetables and did her laundry. It has a life, a story. I want to continue that life and story. To be the next chapter.


Damn it’s beautiful.


So we are going to try and save it. With a little water, a little metaphorical elbow grease and a some pure muscle, Tyler agreed that I could try and save this little guy (who is actually quite big).

Beautiful indeed.



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