Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Those Worthless Beams

So…funny story.

While working away in the basement, Tyler noticed something strange.


I had been charged with removing the nails from the main house’s subfloor-in the basement. The previous owners had pounded nails EVERYWHERE in the floor to use as “hangers” or “mounts” for wires, garden tools and all sorts of other crap.

There were a couple of beams that I wouldn’t touch. It looked like they would just fall over if I took my crowbar to the rusted nails sticking out the side.


So Tyler came down and looked at the nails and then the beams. “These beams aren’t supporting the house at all!”

And they weren’t. The literally weren’t holding anything up. Just standing there, in the basement, barely touching the subfloor.


So, Tyler removed them.


The house didn’t cave in and it opened up the basement quite nicely.

I thought it was a funny story anyway.

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