Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration


Two pairs of long johns, construction pants, long sleeved shirt, running cold weather shirt, sweatshirt, larger sweatshirt, down vest, hooded sweatshirt, thermawear jacket (that I couldn’t zip from all my layers), two turtle furs, stocking cap, arm warmers, gloves, hand warmers, gloves, thermawear gloves and two pairs of wool socks.

For those of you who live in warmer climates (and NO, New York City and Boston do NOT count as cold climates, sorry, anyone in the plains states would agree with me here), we have a little cold weather health condition known as FROSTBITE.

It’s as evil as it sounds. We have a lot of wind here in Iowa (and many of the states surrounding us). Wind in the heat of the summer, wind in the fall and spring, wind in the winter. This wind can be so strong that it doesn’t actually bring the air temperature down, but it makes the air feel colder than it is. This is what “windchill” is. It may be 25 degrees outside, but with the gail force Iowa winds, what your face feels is -10 degrees.

The Porch Facia and Soffits.

When skin is exposed to such cold conditions there are a multitude of problems.

1. You can’t breathe. The air is so cold that it hurts your lungs, so, the solution is to wear a turtle fur. Which is not made of turtles and is mearly a fleece like circle scarf that covers your face when you breathe.

Garage awaiting Facia and Soffits.
Garage awaiting Facia and Soffits.

2. Your eyelashes and/or mustache and/or beard hair freezes together. As a lady, this means there is no point wearing eye makeup. And once you get inside, you have to pull your eyelashes apart. I don’t have a mustache, but have seen frost on Tyler’s, which would counteract it’s insulatory effects-I think.

Putting on the Facia.
Putting on the Fascia. (So rugged and handsome! What lottery did I win?!?!)

3. You get FROSTBITE. Frostbite is caused from skin exposure. It sounds cold, but it actually feels like your skin is burning. In severe cases, the skin and part of your body can actually die. The problem with frostbite is gloves. Super warm, great gloves are useless. You can’t pick anything up. Your can’t tie a shoelace, you can’t even grab a cup. Your fingers are safe from dying, but you can’t do work very well on the outside of the house. So it becomes a game of how long can you expose your hands before they die so you can nail in siding….or hang a facia board….or a soffit panel. Guess which one of us has a better fortitude to withstand the cold? (I’ll give you a hint, the Irish one is struggling ALOT more).



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