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Painting and Miscommunication

So we got this crazy cool propane heater to help with the cold. But, I think this week, the cold has gone to another level. 5 degree wind chills are not effective for painting…even with 50,000 btus.


Here’s somewhat of a look inside at the flame…kind of like the ambiance of a fireplace, but much louder.


Last week I had to paint the metal flashing. One side only. The husband and I? We had a little miscommunication. Men and women have very different ways of hearing, obviously. Later, we discussed what happened. This is what we both agreed we heard on the day in question:

Tyler:  “I need you to paint these pieces of metal. They are white. You are only need to paint one side.”

Jenna: “If they are already white, why do I need to paint them?”

Tyler: “Because they are going behind the pieces of siding.”

Jenna: “Okay.”

In my head, I thought he told me to paint them white, when he told me they were white. Since Tyler told me they were going behind the siding, he thought I understood they were to be painted red-like the siding. A very Alice-in-Wonderland Roses situation.

So I proceeded to paint a bunch of metal pieces white, on one side only. (Getting white paint all over myself). Which required a little bit of work, because I was trying, desperately, to paint them in a manner that would make them look good. Paint brushes left lines in the paint on the metal. So I went for a sponge after some trial and error.

Unpainted white tin piece.
Putting a splotch of paint in the middle of each piece of metal.
Putting a splotch of paint in the middle of each piece of metal.
Using the sponge to even out the paint and avoid lines.
Using the sponge to even out the paint and avoid lines. Notice how much paint is on my hands-It got SO MUCH WORSE as the morning wore on…
Metal pieces painted and drying
Metal pieces painted and drying

The next day, I found out I painted the entire lot the wrong color. Tyler told me this amidst trying to stifle his laughs. It had been such a stressful week of me trying to learn to paint “correctly” that I did not find his laughs helpful. I was devastated that I messed something up…again.


So Tyler  repainted.

In the end….we just ended up using unpainted metal pieces behind the siding.

Go figure.



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