Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

Concrete Patch

The Southwest corner of the house had a big ol’ hunk of concrete missing. So it was time to make a patch…while the weather would still allow for the concrete to set.

With a big blue drum of water (water containers gifted by my husband’s in-laws, though I don’t believe when they were lent to us they realized how long we would keep them), and a bag of concrete.


Said material was mixed in this trowel thingy….also lent to us by the construction guru (who pops in from time to time to let us know when we’ve screwed something up).


A wooden frame was made to keep the wet concrete in.


Then the concrete was put inside…little at a time so it could set up and become a square.


Still waiting to see the finished square, but dang! Doesn’t that bearded and flanneled gentlemen look handsome and dashing?


Sorry ladies, he’s with me.

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