Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Let There Be Light Part I


As with everything house related, a one-day project has turned into a two-day project.

On Halloween, my dear Tyler and some very kind electricians got together at dawn (literally) to work on trenching the electricity.

It is an exciting prospect. To have electricity in the house once again. Sometimes I feel a little like I’m living in Green Acres…walking the extension chords out to to the electric pole in the yard in order to plug anything in to use for the house project.

So here’s how the process works:

You dig trenches with this completely scary machine that looks like it eats people.


Here is a video of Tyler using said machine. It’s called the “Ditch Witch.” We were using it on Halloween.

Yes, that is hysterical .

Then you get stuck because the chain breaks on the giant machine (hence the extended time for the project…how is is POSSIBLE this happens with every single piece of this renovation? Is this some type of law of house restoration or something?).

Inside the trenches you lay conduit.


Conduit is this tubing that is connected together. You run the wire through it. The wire is huge! Somehow…I was painting when this was happening.



We have several trenches on the homestead. We are running electricity to the house, the barn and the potting shed.



A couple were finished on the first day, but still some more to go! Woohoo! Almost have our first utilities! Huzzah!


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