Construction, House and Acreage Restoration


The Pane that goes inside the window
The Pane that goes inside the window

The house has 12 windows in total. 10 that are going to be replaced completely. There are three large double windows on the porch. There are two new french doors and two new full-light doors on the main floor.

Windows are proving a little more challenging than expected.


I do not know the reason why. Once the window is in and level and so forth, we have to check the opening and closing of the window latches. However, we have had some problems with the window making this clicking sound when trying to close it after installation.


The first window took quite a bit of time and we had a lot of people helping to put it together. It took awhile.


The second one Tyler and I put in together. I must admit, I was worried about dropping the window-it’s not too bad to carry, but it’s strange to hold when you put it up in the sill, there aren’t very many ways to hold it.


We got the second one in alright. Then there was trouble with the clicking noise on one side of the window. We tried shimming and leveling and inching the window around. I’m not sure what the answer is with this window, but the sun set and we had to call it a night.


So…one window down. Another in progress and eight more to go for the house to be closed up.

I’m still running around with marching band on the weekends and Tyler has been busy with gigs and doing sound and lighting work to pick up some extra money. I wish I could solve it. The window problem. The house looks really nice with windows.

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