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Little Tin Shingles

I thought the wheelbarrow looked rather good against the tree. So I took a random picture. This has nothing to do with this blog post.

One day, Tyler had me and Superwoman head to Bomgaars to get some little tin shingles. Unlike the folded kind, that are used on the roof, these little guys were there to help us with one tiny thing.

Filling in holes.


The older part of the house (with original siding) was covered in these holes. For those of you up on insulation practices, you might be familiar with holes such as these. At one point in the house’s history, these round holes were drilled so that insulation could be blown into the walls. Then they were just quickly patched over.

A round hole is an odd thing to cover, but you can’t just leave a hole in the sheathing of your house. (Well, I suppose you could, but it wouldn’t really help you have a weather-proof or sealed house). And since the holes are smaller than the palm of my hand, filling it in with wood isn’t really an option either.

So, out to the store for these little guys.


Four nails (which, I might add, it really took awhile to get the hang of) and boom! Hole filled. Now, I have become okay at hammering. But hammering in tin required a little more finesse than I would have imagined. The first tin shingle took me about fifteen minutes to complete. After that, I had them into place and nailed in a couple of minutes.


Sealing up the house one little piece at a time.

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