Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

Sheathing the Addition

We have been very fortunate to have a mild summer. A summer full of thunderstorms, but heat-wise, the summer has not been unbearable. However, the last couple of weeks have reminded me what August is all about. Because damn it’s hot and humid. No need to go to a steam room or a sauna here in Iowa, just step outside for a few hours and feel the toxins drip off your body in massive piles of sweat. Glamorous.

Once the walls were all up, it was time to sheathe the walls as fast as possible to protect them. What do we need to protect our house from? Well, rain. Massive quantities of rain that don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

The bottom of the addition was not too difficult to sheathe. The plywood didn’t have to be lifted quite as far. But the farther up we moved, the more we needed scaffolding. (Which I have decided to dedicate an entire post to at a later date, due to how much scaffolding has been a large part of our lives this summer).

Bottom of Addition Sheathed.
Bottom of Addition Sheathed.

Scaffolding was built and we kept moving up the addition. Covering over the openings for the doors and windows as we went. (I keep saying “we” but I mean Tyler).

Working on the second floor.
Working on the second floor.

Once the walls were completely sheathed, it was time to go cut openings for the windows. Tyler did this by snapping lines with the purple chalk string to cut the opening to the right size.

Then the saw was used, I got this lovely video of this process. Though, apparently, I should’ve been paying better attention instead of filming.

The whole sheathing process took about a week. Normally, this type of work does not take that long. But school has already started, so we are left with working about two hours at night (when after school activities don’t interfere with evening schedules) and then, of course, were the three nights of thunderstorms.

Back side of Sheathing.
Back side of Sheathing.

But we are happy to have some enclosed walls! Next on docket…the final roof!





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