Construction, House and Acreage Restoration


Plumb is, most unfortunately, not a delicious fruit.

Plumb is the concept (or scientific term) that describes when an object is aligned with the center of the earth. Plumb is achieved through using gravity to find measurements, and in our case, string.

Plumb is what helped us to put together the beams for the basement.

We need some new and/or better beaming to support the house downstairs. Our house is not quite like a fun house, but the floor does dip in certain areas. This is to be expected in a house that is 115 years old. The foundation settles (just as your spine does when you get old) and it looses some of its structural integrity. The beams downstairs need a little extra support to keep it safe. Not because of a shotty beam job (as with the addition nightmare), but because they are old.

So first we had to find the plumb spot for the first of the new beams to go. To do so we use this little guy here.


You tie in a string (like I said, strings build homes) and then he was hung from the underside of the basement floor. The weight allows the string to point to the direct center of gravity or some other crazy physics things like that. And then you can make your markings.

Tyler had a template that he drew around to be the outline for where the new beam was to go.

Next, we had to cut out the concrete in that spot to make way for placing the new beam. This brought up a lot of concrete dust (which is pretty icky stuff) so we once again adorned face masks. I kept the shop vac in front of the saw to try and keep the dust down while he went around at different depths with the blade.

Cutting the concrete, while I manned the shop-vac to try and keep the dust down.
Cutting the concrete, while I manned the shop-vac to try and keep the dust down.

Then Tyler pulled out a teeny, tiny jackhammer.


I was beyond amused by this little tool. All of a sudden it was like we were doing a miniature version of what we did with the concrete slab attached to the edition. He jackhammered, and I pulled out the chunks of cement.

And, ta-da, a tiny little hole. Now…just a few more to go and we can get to beaming.


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