Exterior House Work, House and Acreage Restoration

Casualties of Concrete

Ahem…..PSA…Happy Birthday to my dear adorable Grandmother. Happy Anniversary to the power couple who just keeps getting better year after year, J & D. And Happy Anniversary to the man who left his best gal last July,  Marv & Opal-dancing tonight in their dreams.

In the process of trying to fix the insanity of an addition (that just keeps getting more difficult and frustrating), there have been some casualties. Some dearly beloved tools have been roughed up and taken a terrible beating.

In memory of what these tools have given, here are there stories.



Oh dear wheelbarrow, you were the first purchase I made for the house-to help me pick up sticks around the yard. (This was all before I realized I’d be actually doing some work on the house). Despite the large crack in your bucket, you kept going after three days of thousands of pounds of concrete and rocks. Until, your wheel gave out.

Tyler tried to fix you, but we were sold a crappy part. So, for now, you are but another victim of the addition from hell.



Okay, this isn’t even our shovel. This was borrowed from the inlaws. And while digging out the rocks and debris in order to prepare for the skid loader, you cracked. Like…I did’t even know a shovel could crack.


There was no way to fix the crack..hence a new shovel was purchased.


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