Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

I’ve Got the World on a String


Or perhaps, string theory?

I don’t know, this post title could have gone either way. Regardless, there is one thing that I for sure did not know before restoring a house.

String builds houses.

How does a string build a house? Let me now blow your mind. And by me…I mean Tyler. Because I am dictating exactly what he says about string so I don’t mess it up.


“So far, the string been used to establish a level surface on the second floor to reference off of for reconstructing the upstairs walls. This allows them to be level at their top plate.

It has been used to straighten the upstairs walls. And to ensure that all of the headers and all of the walls (that are not perfectly straight) are level. It will also be used to locate the posts in the basement. String will also locate and establish the footings for the addition as well as the placement of the concrete walls for the basement.”

String used to make the window framing level.
String Helping with the planning of the new foundation.
String Helping with the planning of the new foundation.

In Jenna words, “String seems to be used to make sure you have a guide to follow a straight line because people’s eyes are not reliable. Also, it’s awesome.”



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