Construction, House and Acreage Restoration

The Pedersen Waste Management System

There were several attempts at a clever and somewhat disgusting title to this post…but I settled on something a little less…image provoking.

Okay…time for a major apology. I checked my queue and I am about NINE blog posts behind. Not here to make excuses, but I do want to apologize to those of you who have been visiting recently and are completely confused about the difference in appearance in the house vs what you have seen online. The blog posts are always about a week behind, but since the Holiday and my unemployment left me a little less than ambitious, I seriously got behind in posting.

The storms kept a lot of movement from happening out here for a couple of weeks. But then, once we were able to have a slight reprieve, there was some major catch-up to do. Which has led me to some of this “behindness.” Worry not! I am back on track and will be catching everyone up as much as possible.

Back to the waste management system….

Although the plumbing, etc, is not yet installed. We have, finally after the storm, gotten our septic tank installed. So, here is a reminder as to what an above ground septic tank looks like. (Though you city-folk should note, that you don’t use them above ground. Ours was just sitting above ground through the tornados until we could get it under ground).


And here is the yard damage that happened in order to install the tank.

The new tank…buried underground and full of a LOT of water to keep it there.
The pipe…being run from the house out to the tank.
The pipe…being run from the house out to the tank.

Fun fact! When you install a new septic tank, the septic people must then crush the old one. I’m sure “crush” isn’t the technical term…but you all know how great I am on technicalities. The gentlemen in the giant machine with the bucket went to crush ours and low and behold…it had already been done.

What a gift, right?

We must let the dirt settle for ONE YEAR before seeding. Who knew?
We must let the dirt settle for ONE YEAR before seeding. Who knew?

Actually, that’s really strange. So whomever was recently living in the house (which we know hadn’t had a resident for the past six or seven years) did not use the septic tank for their waste disposal. The best guess? Somewhere on the property the system ran out to some type of drain. Which, is not good. So, fortunately, we did not try to use the previous waste disposal system prior to the demolition.


The things people try to get away with.

Neither Holmes nor Pedersen approves.

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