Happiness is a Warm Gun

Or, in this case a warm garden.

*Please Note: My Posts for the Blog are generally a week behind actual work at the homestead. Therefore some of you may be aware of the veggies that have already began to appear on the plants. I apologize for the spoiler this week on Facebook-I was just too pumped to hold in the excitement of pea pods and actual baby zucchini growing. 

I might secretly be an 85 year old woman, because this gardening stuff is seriously awesome.

Tyler said the zucchini is starting to look like the Audrey 2 (please google this if you don’t understand the reference…it’s hilarious).


The peas are blooming and climbing. Even the catalope that appeared to have died (and I snapped off) seems to be sprouting leaves again. It just goes to show you that either gardening does not have to be all that complicated to work or that Iowa has the best soil in the world.


We’ve had massive amounts of rain these past couple of weeks…even a tornado warning and some thunderstorms-I think that is the real secret. I haven’t had to water once in the past two weeks since mother nature did it for me. The basil is coming up and the carrots practically sprouted overnight.

Baby basil that smells WONDERFUL! (Basil is my favorite herb)
Baby basil that smells WONDERFUL! (Basil is my favorite herb)

(I have learned I’ll probably have to thin the carrots otherwise they’ll grow strangely…who knew that many would pop up?) The only thing that has not grown at all is the lettuce. While a bummer…if everything else is still alive I’d say that’s pretty good odds.

Cantalope regrowing!
Cantalope regrowing!

Every other day I am in the garden pulling little weeds, pruning dead leaves and checking out the progress. If I only had a slow motion camera. Some days I hop over the fence and am shocked at the height that happening (literally) overnight. The bok choy grew three inches overnight. THREE INCHES.

Carrots during the thunderstorm

I almost don’t want to eat any of them because it’s so beautiful how they are growing.

Well…ALMOST being the operative word here. Let’s not kid.

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