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Getting Better

Remember our leaning barn?


It’s was a feat that defied nature. This building had been leaning ever since we first looked at the property a few years ago. But, despite the possibility of it tipping over at any point, it still seemed to hold.

Naturally, we wanted to save the leaning barn. A building that most people didn’t think was worth was saving. But, thanks to some savvy people in the construction biz, some ideas were presented about how we could make the building stand straight again.

The first step was to brace the building and figure out the angle of the lean. Don’t ask me the intricate details…I can only show you in pictures. Tyler will have to explain the rest to you.



Then holes were drilled into the side of the building that we leaning so significantly.


Following the drilling of holes this little pieces (made by Tyler) were attached to the outside of the east wall of the barn.



Next, chains were attached to the posts (that are outside the building) and cranked on to lift the building up again.


It appear, for all intensive purposes, that the building just stood itself straight up again. The windows didn’t break, the wood didn’t creak or moan. It just…stood up. While the process is not complete (the building has to be able to stand up on its own without all this additional tying and set-up), it sure is looking good and getting better all the time.


1 thought on “Getting Better”

  1. Great job beginning the restoration of this building instead of simply knocking it down and building new. It looks like it has MANY years of greatness in it yet. Kudos time a million!

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