Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

I Am the Walrus


Actually I’m not. The Fella thought it’d be clever for me to have post titles be Beatles songs. I told him the topic for this post and this was the response I got for the song title to use.

Not sure if that really works or not.

We finally got a good, hard rain! My veggies are so happy!

In other news, out of the blue, the handy gentlemen I’m married to made a couple of doors for our little shed. You see, it only had this one tiny door on it so it wasn’t the best size for actually utilizing the shed. Manuvering the wheelbarrow inside the door was tricky enough, let along anything bigger.


So he got some car siding. (Which has nothing to do with automobiles, but instead comes from railroad cars-the more you know!) And built these doors. I wasn’t around for the whole process. I only was able to view the handing of said doors. But they are definitely the nicest thing on the shed…or in the house…or on the whole property. But if you are going to do a job, do it right!


He also had to break apart the concrete with a sledge hammer so the doors would open. This is the pile of concrete left after he tore into it.


My part in this project was to prime and paint the doors. The elements otherwise can really ruin the nice wood. So some friends of mine (aka my husband’s in-laws…clever huh? do you know who I’m talking about?) helped me out.



However, the thunderstorm stopped us from getting beyond primer. I have a barn red color to pain the insides of the doors and white to paint the trim. I bet it will dry out enough this week that I can finish the job.


I, personally, find painting quite enjoyable. It seems most others do not like it. But if you can put on the radio and forget your troubles while trying to paint a straight line, then why not?


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