Garden Update West Plot

So the west plot, the first plot I dug, is only a few inches from the east plot. However, the soil is completely different. This soil was very rocky, does not seem to retain water as well and never has the moistness like the east one. It amazes me how different the soil is between these two. This plot is for the more “fragrant” produce items that tend to get along well.



Rosemary and Oregano are looking sharp. Both have expanded in width, and the Rosemary has grown substantially in height. However, the thyme seems to have completely died. I wonder if it needs something different, or if it was just a dud? Basil was planted by seed…no movement from the basil seeds as of yet.





A couple of these guys seem to be growing. And some others seem to have died. However, I fell in love with the CSA onions last year, so I’m hoping I will at least get one. They cost hardly anything and are so sweet.



I see no movement on the carrot front. Carrots were planted by seeds.


Various Peppers

Some of these are doing okay, with a little sun scorching on their leaves. It looks as though the banana pepper isn’t holding on very well though.



I’m worried about the lettuce guys. It’s suppose to take around three-four weeks to get lettuce. Next to peas, it is suppose to be the easiest to grow. There is no movement from the lettuce seeds.

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