Garden Update East Plot

Well, it has been two weeks since I took charge of some little tiny vegetable plants and seeds. And, as this is my first shot gardening, who knows what to expect.

In all the reading material I was going over, the rookie mistake is to over-water a garden. I am told you want to force the plants to dig their roots down deep to find water in the ground. But I’m not sure how I’m doing. Most of my plants do look a little sad….but a few look really great. So, I guess it just depends on the plant’s personality.


This little pea is climbing for his life!
This little pea is climbing for his life!

Peas are suppose to be super easy to grow in any climate. But, they do need to climb. So, when you have a pea plant, you have to help the little guy by wrapping the little hand around an item to climb. As you can see, this little guy has climbed up and secured himself quite well. I am impressed. I wish I had a still camera to see the progress as he slowly wraps that little vine-thingy around the fence. I have faith the peas will flourish…at least some of them will.




I must say, the broccoli seems to be thriving. All of the plants. They have grown about an inch in the past two weeks and are stretched up high with their leaves turned toward the sky. No sun burn in sight on these babies. Which, is fantastic. Because broccoli is one of the MOST EXPENSIVE vegetables and one of my favorites (who am I kidding? I love most all vegetables, I shouldn’t pick favorites). In fact, I was so excited this past week to get frozen broccoli on sale for $1.69 a bag! Holy crap that’s a good deal. These broccoli plants? Free. So, if they produce some delicious organic-Jenna broccoli I will be in heaven.




Okay, this guy looks sad. His leaves have been drooping since a four days before he was planted. However, this little yellow bud did show up this weekend. So, maybe he’s just depressed but still pushing on? Or perhaps he is sick but doesn’t wanna give up?




Two of the three plants are thriving. Getting taller (about two inches taller), more leaves and fanning out. I’m very nervous about these gals. I know the birds are my biggest enemy here. Me and the birds have been getting along quite well (in fact one of the male Robins follows me around when I’m in the yard-he must think I’m a Robin with my red hair; and every time I walk up to the house the crow that sits in our walnut trees announces his presence quite loudly), but we may come to some fighting over these. Organic strawberries cost between $5.99-7.99 per plastic container at the supermarket. I refuse to eat non-organic berries (hate to think of the pesticides….gives me the willies) mainly bc non-organic berries are not as sweet or ripe. EVER. Mostly, they suck.




I’m pretty sure this one is dead. But, just in case, I’m gonna keep watering it.


Green Beans


I planted green bush beans straight from the seeds. I have TWO little seedlings coming up. How adorable!!! My first plant to rise from a seed-ahhh…the miracle of life.

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