Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Things I learned


Back when this whole demolition and house “thing” started, I was under the misimpression that my task would be picking up sticks. Thankfully, that did not turn out to be true (although sticks were picked up today). And while I have been told that the next set of work that needs to be accomplished needs slightly more skilled labor (of which, I am just a lackey…not a skilled position), I am warned my time is slowly waning.

But I kind of wonder if that is really true?

I mean, did I ever think I’d be using a crowbar? Or pulling drywall off of stray beams? Or hauling out garbage cans 1/3 full of plaster? (You see, we had to lift the garbage cans above our head to toss its contents into the dumpster…so I couldn’t carry as much as the Fella-he has way more upper body strength than I do).

I mean….did I actually believe in four weeks we’d empty out 21,500 pounds of collateral damage from the demolition?

I guess I did.

And, I’m thinking, perhaps I will be more helpful in the reconstruction than I (or anyone else) realizes.

I hope soon to have the chance to film a video much like the first one. One where, I give a tour of the house (in the same manner as my first video) so you can see the videos side by side to see the AMAZING difference in how a house looks after it is gutted. But until we get all the dust up…I will have to regal you with little things I have learned today. A day where, finally, I did NOT have to wear a face mask. (Goodbye Lathe!)


This is not a rhubarb plant. This is an imposter. It is called “Elephant Ear.” It is poisonous and some master poser. It is also taking over our yard. (Where are the deer when you really need them?)


This is a sticky tile. It comes up very easily (even fifty years after it has been laid down) with a straight bar. However, the sticky substance used to stick it to the floor kind of smells like a zoo…or a barnyard…or something else gross.


This is what an air compressor looks like. And (Jerry this is for you!) it’s Jackrabbit blue! It is for Tyler’s very powerful and somewhat scary nail gun. This is a very important tool for the roofing. I will avoid the nail gun at all costs. In fact…I don’t even like holding it unloaded and un-plugged in. It makes me very uncomfortable. But this air compressor has class. I mean, it’s blue guys. BLUE.

And that, my friends, is all I know today.

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