The Teeny Tiny Organic Garden Pt. 2


The above picture has nothing to do with my little garden. It just happens to be the most gorgeous tree in our yard…in full bloom with little pink flowers. Perhaps I have found the other type of flower to cover that little open space on my 1/2 sleeve tattoo. This tree is so pretty, I think I could cry just knowing that it’s my tree. (Well…OUR tree).

While I made my way out to the Prius tonight, covered in dust and barely able to see through my glasses I spotted her. One of my mortal enemies, a mere ten feet from me. She heard me walking and quick turned her head to look my direction. “Hey!” I shouted at her. I walked up to here and she didn’t move a muscle. “Listen here!” She was all ears. “Frolicking in this yard and eating over there in the farmer’s fields is just fine. But, listen up. I really need you to stay away from that little garden. That’s all I ask. Just leave that little piece alone, for me. Please, please, tell your friends and leave it alone.”

The garage door slammed as Tyler was locking up the house and she stood a second longer before bounding off towards the trails.

I think her and I (it was a deer if you aren’t following my story) had a good chat and may have made some progress. That, or, she was intensely curious about me. I can’t believe I walked right up to her and she stood and listened to me beg. I wonder if anyone has tried that before for keeping deer out of the garden?

But, in case that doesn’t work. I do have a hysterical fence around my mini-garden.

Sunday morning I went out the homestead to find my father-in-law working on cutting down some dead trees. Him and his whole family are master gardeners. They planted and grew and canned most all of their food. I’m sure my little pits looked dismal and terrible to him, but we all gotta start somewhere, right? I asked him about keeping the deer out of the garden beds. He came up with a plan. A plan for some chicken-wire fencing and some posts.

So we traveled to Bomgaars (shout out to the check-out lady who recognized me from this blog!) to get supplies. Did you know chicken wire is pretty expensive? Especially when you need it tall enough for deer to NOT knock it over? But, alas, he came up with an idea that was cheap and….let’s say….hilarious.

Orange snow fence.


The orange snow fencing cost about 1/5 of the chicken wire for the same footage. It is also jailhouse orange. While we were putting it up, my first thought was all we needed was some yellow caution police tape to match!

Wow…my in-laws worked all day. And for the first time in quite awhile, we had some sunshine and little bit of heat. Posts were hand-pounded into the ground with the largest looking sledgehammer I’ve ever seen. The fencing was tied off with zip-ties and metal wires.


My father-in-law is a pretty quiet man. And, when the project was almost complete, I asked him if it looked like I was doing anything right in this garden. He simply shrugged and replied, “I’m not one to criticize.”

I guess that says it all!

After a long afternoon of pounding posts, he took off and superwoman and I returned to the actual planting of the produce. She also hauled water from her home (which isn’t too far away) so we could water the plants. I attached the ends of the pea plants to some mesh fencing to help them climb. I sorted out the tomatoes and peppers-to keep them away from the strawberries and green beans and I even planted some herbs between “rows” to help with bugs.



We’ll know in a few weeks if I’m able to make anything grow. So here’s to a green thumb-or, at least, a very brown thumb. I’ve enjoyed the time outdoors and the smell of the soil, and I suppose that’s enough…as long as I kill the plants by my ignorance instead of a bunch of deer by their ingenuity.


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