Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Stairway to Heaven


These last days have been hectic. On Monday, Tyler and company worked on the house. Ripping apart the stairwell. Good grief, the plaster and lathe is ALMOST all out of the house. Then he had some evening commitments, so myself and the Landlord and Superwoman worked for on some items.

But we are getting down to it. Down to the time that some layout and major decisions need to be made. Because (though it feels as if the lathe is unending) we will soon be awaiting a heating and cooling system, rewiring the electric (um…I will not take part in this very dangerous endeavor), having a new septic tank installed and then getting some new walls up and then insulating the home. I can’t say for sure if that is the order it is gonna happen. (Please remember I’m the lackey here and my brain was not wired for construction).

So we sat down and began developing some ideas.

A poet might say we began dreaming our dream.


One of the main items to dream about are the stairs. We have been presented with a number of options from friends who are well-versed in the construction world.

1) Leave them as they are. Although, we understand they are not to code because they are so little. It is our belief that the stairs currently in the home are original to 1900.

2) Switch the direction of the stairs. This would be done to widen them to code and create a landing so when you first enter the house, a staircase with a landing and post combo greet you.

3) Move the stairs to a different location, such as the north wall (to your right as you enter the house). The purpose here is to fix the shotty stair work and allow for a more navigable layout upstairs, since a staircase won’t be right in the middle of the house.


We’ll see what happens once we know more about the infrastructure. Because soon, no matter how the stairs fit into the house, they will be our little Stairway to Heaven. (I make myself laugh by this little cleverness).


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