Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

The People in the Wall

One of the most interesting things that was pulled out of the wall, was these four people. Tyler and I have decided. We will hide our own little stories (and include some of the items that I pulled out of the wall) back in the walls when we start to finish the house back up. Maybe in another 100 years someone will be asking the same questions about us.

Back to the photos that I found. I can’t get the faces out of my head.

Are these the previous owners of our home? Are they family members? Dear friends? How did they get lost in the walls of the house? Did they not even belong to the family or the lady of the house?

I don’t know. But what a wonderful gift to find photographs. I must do something wonderful to preserve them and find out more.


This is the first photo I pulled out. A lady by an evergreen tree. Is is my lady of the house? I would guess this is the 1930s, but those with better understanding of photos might give me more insight.


As this weekend is opening weekend for fishing, I suppose this photo is perfectly timed. This was the second photo I pulled out. A man, with homes it the background, holding quite the haul of fish. Now, the photo is not taken in front of the Pedersen Homestead…as the houses are quite close together. I wonder if it is along one of the Lakes?


An older woman laughing and a lady spinning around. Now, seriously, how often do you see that type of expression in photos from this time?

What a trip. Yes. It is decided. Tyler and I  will have to hide some treasures in our walls and hope that they still exist in another 114 years from another owner to discover…

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