Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

The Finished Unfinished Upstairs

Although I greatly enjoyed my Saturday with my husband…making our house into a home, I was unfortunately unable to help on Sunday. You see, I am in the Cherokee Symphony and spent my Sunday driving to and participating in our Spring Concerto Concert. My hands were aching after working on the house for so long. So much so that I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to play the intensely fast buzz rolls (snare drum for those of you only partially musically inclined-though I doubt I have many friends who aren’t musically inclined) in the Radesky March and keep up. I somehow managed to get through.

While I was playing the snare drum and timpani, my fella was finishing the last of the upstairs. In fact, he did complete the upstairs. And we had our first little surprise-the Roof! The roof has a little problem. And the original floor from 1900 I’ve been so excited about? It doesn’t extend to the new edition. Humbug.

However, today I entreat you to watch a little video tour of the finished unfinished upstairs. Fortunately for you, the fella will be your tour guide. (As he is a HUGE Youtube Fan of do-it-yourselfers and was more than ready to show his stuff).

So, today, Tyler will take it away:



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