Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

Rain and Darkness


One of the first items on the list after getting the wood paneling off, was to cut the electricity. Which, during a week of rainstorms, made the demolition process slightly creepy. The work light that the Fella won at a Dirty Christmas family get-together about three years ago finally came into good use. And it case the most brilliant golden hues across the upstairs.

I could have just stared at it all day. It’s one of those concepts from “American Beauty.” Pure beauty in something not very beautiful. Perhaps I’ve been wearing some rose colored glassed though-having a new house and all makes a person pretty pumped. Even it if is an uninhabitable house.

This is what the upstairs looks like before this process began, with the first wall separating the two rooms had come down:

This part of the renovation is when things got a little sticky. Well, actually, cloudy would be a better word. It was time to pull out the drywall and insulation.

Now, I know my family is thinking, “There is no way Jenna should be at the house while this is happening.” True. I do have intense asthma and allergies. And so does the Fella. However, him and I are a team, renovating this house together. Well, that’s not exactly true. He’s renovating, I’m doing whatever grunt works needs to happen that will keep me uninjured. That’s why I look like this while working on the house now.


It’s kind of a catch-22 actually. I want to wear my contacts because the mask wouldn’t be so hard to wear with them and steam up my glasses. But my eyes and  would just get too irritated with contacts in. So, there is no winning. I am truly beautiful. 😉

But, my asthma and allergies? I combat them differently. Firstly, I eat organic and local whenever possible. This may seems like a ridiculous concept. It has changed my allergies dramatically. I also carry around this:


Oh yes. Honey. I literally carry around a little bear with me everywhere I go. A spoonful of honey keeps the sneezing away. Yes, you do have to use it more than Sudafed. But, it’s better on your body-and tastes wonderful. The key here is, if you want to try this, it has to be LOCAL. So my Ochedeyan honey won’t work for you in Kansas.

And, lastly, steroids. Yes, yes. This seems completely against my last two ideas. But here’s the deal, I have asthma. I always will have asthma. I don’t believe in a cure for my lung malfunction. But I do believe in being proactive. Being in a dusty, insulation-filled environment means one thing: taking my Flovent steroid inhaler every morning and evening to protect my lungs. Sometimes there are just medicines that you have to take.

Okay, getting back to the renovation now.

One of the reasons the electricity had to be shut off was because we were removing the base heaters along the outside of the rooms (in order to get down to the studs). Well, sometimes when you remove a base heaters, a bunch of green anti-freeze comes out. Whoops.


So, surprised that that liquid was all still in there despite not having the heat on for seven years, a quick trip to the basement to cyphen the fluid out was necessary. (Siphen? Syphen? Cipyin? How do you spell that damn word?)

And soon we were down to studs.

Studs that revealed that the upstairs was not an original part of the house. You see, the ceiling downstairs was lowered when the upstairs was put on. It was explained to me that a person can tell this because of the way the joyces (?) are above the floor line. (I should really takes notes when Tyler is speaking).


Wow. We are moving along quite fast. Stay tuned to see how the entirety of the upstairs looks as a gutted fish. It’s gonna be awesome.

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