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Sweat Equity

They call it sweat equity-when you fix up your house yourself. But let me tell you this, there hasn’t been a whole lot of sweating going on the past week. Just a lot of rain, shivering and fingers cramping up.

After last weekend, the fella began ripping apart the upstairs. The hope is to have the upstairs completely gutted today (Saturday). Everything is coming apart because we are going to re-insulate and do some stuff with heating and cooling that I can’t remember. (Apparently, after watching my youtube tour of the homestead, my husband could not stop laughing at my grammatical and story errors in the plans, materials, etc-what can I say? I’m talented).

But before I get to the big stuff (as we are currently at the big stuff), I must catch you up on what has happened thus far. Especially since the last time you saw the home pictures, it was intact.


The first task was ripping apart the wall upstairs that separated the upstairs into two rooms. The annoying part of the upstairs is that it is COVERED in wood paneling. So, fist the wood paneling has to be ripped off. Then the drywall, then the insulation taken out to get down to studs.

What was my role in all of this? I’m not handy you say? I am accident prone you say? All true. I pulled nails. Lots and lots and lots and lots of nails from boards. And the Candy Tycoon even came out one night to help pull nails.


The Fella did all the hard work and heavy lifting.

I’m not sure how he is still standing. Despite us working together and having the occasional help, he is a man on a mission. A mission to rip apart a house. And he is quite successful with this mission.


It was hard to get a shot of him at work, but once he knew that I was you tubing and blogging about the renovation, he was a little excited. You see, he has some youtube guys he follows who work with metal and machinery and finds them quite fascinating. I guess this is his way to be one of those guys.

Wanna know what interesting things we discovered when we got through the drywall? Stay tuned!

1 thought on “Sweat Equity”

  1. love the posts and watching the progress. will continue to help when I can and yes, Iwill follow the rules.

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