Deconstruction, House and Acreage Restoration

The Video Uploadeth

Currently, as I am typing this, I am laying on the floor for the last night in the apartment. Actually, I never frequently laid on the floor while living here. But, being as though we no longer have any chairs here, I find myself in the laying on the floor position.

Youtube is also uploading my 15 minute tour of the Homestead, pre-demolition. So, by the time I publish this post, that will be available for your viewing pleasure. I am not in television for a reason people, don’t judge too harshly!

What a great feeling. To be sitting (laying) here for the last time. I’ve ordered up some Asian Palace (which is heavenly) and the fella and I are gonna dine big tonight.

The next time you visit this fair site (or likely click on the Facebook link-because let’s not kid, nobody is really reading this but my family and perhaps some curious friends) I will have pictures up of the beginnings of the demolition.

Until then, enjoy the tour….


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