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My Last Night as a Property Virgin


Tonight is the night. Tomorrow, six months before my 30th birthday, the fella and I will close on the homestead. This evening, after work, I walked out to the property and took a good look around. I became fascinated by the way the light fell upon the barn that is slowly tipping over.


This was the first time in years, I’d really walked through the property. You see, we first saw this property not long after we moved to the Lakes area. And, at that time, we walked through the property several times. We tried to purchase the it back then, but our offer wasn’t accepted. When we decided to put another offer out there I was terrified of falling in love with the home again and having our offer, again, turned down. So, the fella went out to the house again alone before our final offer was made. Even once our offer was accepted, I had a hard time believing we’d gotten to the point that we’d actually soon be homeowners. So other than drive-bys, I have stayed my distance. But the weather has finally opened up enough to allow some walking about the homestead.


HGTV has a program called “Property Virgins.” It follows people going through the purchase of their first home. During the past four years, the fella and I have watched an awful lot of HGTV. In the beginning, it was a network that was inspiring. “Someday,” we thought, “someday that will be us.” As the years dragged on and there was no home in sight, HGTV started to get on my nerves.


But not tonight. Tonight I proudly advertise the title of Property Virgin: for the first and last time.


Because that right there? That is our country road. Our little piece of heaven. The Pedersen Homestead. And I’m in love.

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